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  1. F

    Spark, controller and 2 batteries for sale

    DJI Spark Camera Drone With Controller And Two Batteries. I’ve upgraded so I’m selling my DJI Spark Drone. Included: DJI Spark Controller 2 x official batteries Hard carry case Brand new set of spare props Micro USB cable Power adapter (this is a Samsung phone charger. I use it because it fits...
  2. T

    Broke ribbon cable inside the controller

    I was trying to put the antenna mod on my controller and accidentally took the top cover off from the bottom without disconnecting the ribbon cable from the sticks which broke off from the housing, its brand new, bought the other day. What's the best thing to do, is this even repairable or do I...
  3. K

    Problems with first start

    Hello, I just bought my DJI Spark and I've got problem with starting motors for the first time. Auto start from DJI app is working fine, but I cannot turn motors on using sticks on my RC. RC is properly paired, everything was done like in DJI tutorials on youtube and I've got same results...
  4. N

    Help connecting RC to phone!

    hey guys, I’m new here, I’m sure some sort of my question has been asked, and I’ve researched to no avail. I want to see if anyone has any tips here. I just got my fly more combo a week ago. My RC and drone weren’t paired, even though everyone claims it is. So i linked them and that was an...
  5. L

    WTB: Spark Controller (new or used)

    Simple ask ... working tested controller. Just looking for a controller for my spark. Shipping to 14303 Niagara Falls, NY if posting shipped prices. Paypal ready. Cheers,
  6. Hotwire

    Go 4.2.4 forgets my Sparks controllers ID

    In the previous Go 4 app version, I only needed the pair the Go 4 app with my Spark once but with the upgrade (v4.2.4) I have to re scan the QR code every time I got to use my Spark. Is there something I am neglecting to do or is this a bug in the app? Spark is so good now that the image has...
  7. A

    Spark to Mavic Air!

    I'm currently flying the Spark and was loving it with very little jealousy of people with the Mavic Pro, however....... with the Mavic Air released and the price point i am now filled with Drone envy for the Air! Question is if i decided to purchase the Mavic Air will i need a separate remote or...
  8. BrianP

    Spark Controllers - are they all the same???

    hi, new spark owner Q... are spark controllers all the same please? Are all controllers genuine DJI or are some clones? How do I buy one that is suitable for U.K. use please? Company recommendations if possible. Cheers!
  9. S

    RC question

    I must be missing something. My understanding (based on nothing) is that the iPhone connects to the controller (wifi or cable) and only the controller is actually sending the signals to the Spark. If this is so, and the iPhone is basically in physical contact with the RC, why is there a range...
  10. Robert Romila

    Can't control the Spark

    After about 4-5 minutes of fly the drone is not responding to controller. It remains connected, but is not going forward or backward, left or right and make sounds like there is an object inthe front of the drone. I try to fly it on open field (very large area) with no obstacles around. If i...
  11. R

    Spark controller stopped working after update .

    I recently did the required updates on my Spark, and now my controller is totally useless. It is no longer putting out a WiFi signal. All was fine until the updates. Is there any way to return the controller back to factory settings? DJI says I have to return the controller to them.
  12. M

    FCC model spark with controller from europe

    Hi I have a question I buy a spark from best buy in new orleans but i can't find a controller here I'm from europe is there any problem if i buy the controller from europe???
  13. Steve P

    If your looking for a controller

    Just a FYI if your looking for a controller B&H has them in stock
  14. V

    Spark RC linking issue after switching from mobile connection

    Hi, I am new to DJI and spark is my first drone. I have successfully linked my spark with RC as required and it works fine both on wifi and even with otg. Now when I switch connection and I press the power button for 6s and turn on wifi to use spark via mobile it starts functioning via...
  15. R

    USB OTG connection with an iPhone

    Hi, This morning I flew with my iPhone connected to the RC directly through an OTG adapter and a lightning cable. Everything worked pretty well, and I don't have any specific issues. However, I've noticed the following and I'd like to know if other people are seeing the same. Upon connecting...
  16. Steve P


  17. Skyler King

    Yesterday & Today my Spark won't broadcast it's SSID

    I have been having video feed issues, HUGE latency, with just an iPhone 7 Plus and also the Controller with an iPhone 7 Plus. It connects to Controller fine but has HUGE unusable video latency. Also, when I try to connect Spark to my iPhone 7 Plus alone or even my Moto Droid Z, the SSID isn't...
  18. Skyler King

    Can 1 Spark Controller be used with more than 1 Spark?

    Can 1 Spark Controller be used with more than 1 Spark? (obviously not at the same time) If so, you you repeatedly have to re-link each aircraft?