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  1. N

    Biking, then climbing on Ostrvica peak, Rudnik mountain, Serbia

    Every year in november, we drive bikes to Ostrvica on Rudnik mountain and than climbing. It is 800 meters above sea level. This year, the weather was incredible and about 90 bikes came to this nice tour. Here is a video of peaks, we like to call them K1 and K2.
  2. I

    Media taken before the latest update

    So these I took before the latest update and some are um, taken far above 400 feet lol. More like 1000 feet, I know, stupid, but I wanted to truly see what it was like, besides, "To be old and wise you gotta be young and stupid first, right? No? Oh well it was only a one time thing anyway lol.
  3. Simon Cooper

    Low and Close Flight Over Water. Aerial Footage of Athelstone Weir, River Torrens, Athelstone, South Australia

    To subscribe to my YouTube channel click the link: www.youtube.com/user/homecedo (I’ll reciprocate and subscribe to your channel)
  4. Simon Cooper

    A Bit Of Fun In The Park With Me and My Spark (And My 69 Beetle)

    To subscribe to my channel please click on: www.youtube.com/user/homecedo (I’ll reciprocate and subscribe to yours)
  5. I

    videos for pilots yaaaaaaay : )

    Hello pilots more videos for viewing. This are some sunset videos as well as some other ones : )
  6. I

    A beautiful view into a beautiful world

    Hello spark pilots, Seventh fairy here with some more great videos for you. There not of something as spectacular like what some other pilots capture but its as a start. The links are below. Please enjoy and remember to tap the like button and subscribe with a touch of the bell so you'll be...
  7. Simon Cooper

    Flying Under An Old Stone Bridge, Over Water and Amongst Trees, Deep Creek Bridge, Basket Range, South Aust (DJI Spark)

    To subscribe to my YouTube channel click on the link below: www.youtube.com/user/homecedo
  8. Simon Cooper

    Cute Little Church On Top Of A Hill, Montacute, South Australia

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/homecedo
  9. GadgetInspector

    My Thoughts about the DJI Spark So Far

    There are already about a million reviews out there on the DJI Spark, but I will still be doing my own kind of review (review over time). My plan is to reach a total of 100 flights before posting a pros/cons video review. Here's a summary of my thoughts and experience thus far: PROS Great...
  10. E


    Hello, I have for sale a like new condition DJI Spark fly more combo. This comes with some extras like two extra batteries totaling 4, one of the batteries is new never activated, gimbal protector, range extender, carry case, and I also purchased the white charger that you see in the pic, it...
  11. Simon Cooper

    Swing Bridge Over The River Torrens, Adelaide, South Australia

  12. Simon Cooper

    Autumn Sunset Over Athelstone (Adelaide) South Australia

  13. Simon Cooper

    Best Bits Of Sanur/Ubud, BALI (2018)

  14. O

    First week of videos Flying the DJI Spark

    My First week of edited videos using the DJI spark. Enjoy! Weekend Test Flight at Paloma Park. Sunrise over Marangaroo Whitemans Park - Perth Western Australia. Embracing the Flora .
  15. Simon Cooper

    Cool Active Track Of Me On My Bike in Athelstone (Adelaide) South Australia

  16. Simon Cooper

    DJI Spark - The 1st Five Months (The best bits)

    A compilation of the best bits of the last five months with my DJI Spark. Local footage of the Athelstone, South Australia, area and footage taken during our Bali, Indonesia, holiday, 2018:
  17. graywoulf

    Home Sweet Home

    Well I finally got around to editing the video from my visit to where I used to live in The Great Smoky Mountains here in North Carolina. It is short and unrefined but it shows a bit of the mountain life setting I used to enjoy. **UPDATE... Now in 1080p instead of 720.
  18. J

    Has anyone tried UAV systems international letters of authorization?

    I'm planning on traveling to Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam with my drone (can't leave it home because I'm actually going home through this countries) and I was thinking on buying this "Letters of Authorization" on this site www.uavsystemsinternational.com. Had someone tried them? Is there...