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  1. Florida Drone Supply

    DJI Price Increase - Only 5 Days Away!

    Good afternoon Pilots, If you weren’t already aware, due to the additional tariff of 10% on Chinese imports going into effect on September 1, 2019, many DJI products will incur a price increase. We’ve highlighted top-selling products below that we encourage you to purchase by August 31, 2019...
  2. D

    Download failed for "Simple AutoEdit"

    Hi there. I have had my Spark for two weeks now and have just gone through some videos and photos to see what I can do with it. I am still learning and want to learn as much as possible. Setup: DJI Spark with RC connected with WiFi to iPhone 8plus. Everything is on and connected with each other...
  3. BrianSC

    Jumping from cliffs

    Met these guys the other day who asked me to do some footage of them jumping from the cliffs into the sea, with the Spark.
  4. M

    Singapore East Coast

    Hi all, i just bought my spark and hope to take it for a spin. I see on the no fly zone map and see that there's a section along the east coast service road that is not restricted. Does it mean its ok to fly there? If not, are there any fly zone in the east???
  5. I

    Spark FALLS out of the SKY?

    Hey guys! Doing alright? I came here for help. I bought Beck-Aidan a couple of weeks ago. and everything was fine, loved it. On this certain flight, it just completely falls out of the sky. No warnings on the device. I just hear the propellers stop and look up to the sight of my Spark. Crashing...
  6. DJI 0156

    DJI 0156

    First Litchi "way-point" flight April 28, 2019 Not much to look at but it isn't easy to handover full control to an app... No audio!
  7. J

    DJI Spark Fell From The Sky From 400'

    Hello All, Yesterday my spark fell from the sky from 400' after the battery died. The problem I was having before I took off was that it was not showing the correct altitude when above 15' and i was testing it in a open field so as not to damage or hurt someone. When i saw that I was having the...


    This video is about flying a drone in the Sucina Mountains in Murcia, Spain at a place called Collado De Los Ginovinos.
  9. Pixies Channel

    Spark through the arch.

    I went to my local park this afternoon I spotted a little arch that I just had to fly through.
  10. D

    1 year with the Spark - showreel

    Hi Spark pilots, just sharing with you another video. This one has shots taken during a year of flying the Spark. It covers 4 countries: Romania, Greece, The Netherlands and Denmark. Enjoy! Also, considering subscribing to my channel is much appreciated! ;)
  11. D

    On the Ski Slopes

    Hello Spark pilots, my very first post here :) Tried a different aproach this time. Since a ski video, i wanted to be with fast cuts to re-create the mood. The video is structured into two parts - one is more about setting the scene, the second part is with more action I used an ND16 but even...
  12. S

    A beautiful day... Springs here...

    Thanks god this morning the sun was shining and the wind had dropped...)
  13. Hollywood Florida

    Hollywood Florida

    My first attempt at shooting editing and uploading video shot with my DJI Spark on a trip Hollywood Florida at the Caribbean Hotel
  14. S

    1st Spark flight -Youtube

    Finally got my bird up yesterday,and what a gorgeous day for it!:) Quite pleased with the footage, I’m still figuring things out, but I wonder if any of you have had a similar experience? I’ve uploaded plenty of vids to YT in the past and never been happy with how it seems to compress them...
  15. J

    I'm new to this....

    I purchased my drone around 4 weeks ago... i've flown a handful of time and now i've decided to use adobe premiere pro to make some footage, i'm also new to editing.. i was hoping for some folk to have a look at both the videos and hand out some pointers on both taking the shots and editing...
  16. R

    New Year at Dabguli Forest-Bangalore-India

    It was new year and decided to take the spark with me to do some recording, still a beginner to flying and editing videos.. all kinds of criticism is accepted. Check it out!!
  17. D

    An almost catastrophe that ended up ok

    So I did the first dronie with no problem, but a little later in the day wanted to do another one as the first was pretty tilted. But I didn't notice that the angle of the Spark was a little different than the original, and sent it toward the coconut trees!! I didn't see the friend in the tree...
  18. F

    Fly More Combo $349 With Free Priority Shipping (US Only)

    Never Crashed, Carbon Fiber Props with Spare Factory props, located in Randleman NC, Free Priority Shipping (US Only) Paypal Checkout.
  19. nntom

    Biking, then climbing on Ostrvica peak, Rudnik mountain, Serbia

    Every year in november, we drive bikes to Ostrvica on Rudnik mountain and than climbing. It is 800 meters above sea level. This year, the weather was incredible and about 90 bikes came to this nice tour. Here is a video of peaks, we like to call them K1 and K2.
  20. I

    Media taken before the latest update

    So these I took before the latest update and some are um, taken far above 400 feet lol. More like 1000 feet, I know, stupid, but I wanted to truly see what it was like, besides, "To be old and wise you gotta be young and stupid first, right? No? Oh well it was only a one time thing anyway lol.