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  1. nilanjan118

    JAPAN - Tsuchiura | Cinematic Drone Video

    Shot this on the last day of 2018 in Tsuchiura, Japan. It is a city located in South-Western Ibaraki Prefecture about 60kms north of Tokyo metropolis. Looking forward to seeing more new places and shooting at more beautiful locations in 2019. And on that note, wishing all the Spark pilots a very...
  2. 09.12.2018. DJI Spark. Inside out.

    09.12.2018. DJI Spark. Inside out.

    Somewhere near Minsk... Abandoned building...
  3. DJI Spark: walk in the park (Minsk, Belarus)

    DJI Spark: walk in the park (Minsk, Belarus)

  4. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Sunset pic!

    Here is another sunset pic I just took tonight. There are a few lights on it ;) I am referencing a previous post SUNSETS, DJI SPARK Enjoy
  5. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Remote Controller vs Phone for Piloting SPARK .Poll.

    Quick poll to see what is the most popular
  6. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Can you choose different color when getting care refresh replacement??

    Just wondering when you get a spark replacement, via dji care refresh, if you can choose the color you want ,or if you get what they give you, or what color you had before??
  7. Gavieboydgi

    Dji Spark Quick Edit

    Dji Spark quick edit I did with Cyberlink its pretty good editing software still getting used to it.
  8. I

    Media taken before the latest update

    So these I took before the latest update and some are um, taken far above 400 feet lol. More like 1000 feet, I know, stupid, but I wanted to truly see what it was like, besides, "To be old and wise you gotta be young and stupid first, right? No? Oh well it was only a one time thing anyway lol.
  9. I

    videos for pilots yaaaaaaay : )

    Hello pilots more videos for viewing. This are some sunset videos as well as some other ones : )
  10. O

    Yellagonga Regional Park - Aboriginal Heritage - Perth Western Australia

    Yellagonga Regional Park - Named after the Leader of the Aboriginal Mooro people who inhabited the area at the time of European Settlement.
  11. Gavieboydgi

    Dji Spark in Really Bad Wind Today U.K

    Was out today testing new firmware that i'd downgraded to 300 so i can mod the parims and because of the bad 1000 july update its horrible!!! Heres The Youtube from my flight today 28/7/2018
  12. Simon Cooper

    Best Bits Of Sanur/Ubud, BALI (2018)

  13. F

    Battery Eject!!

    Hi All, just over three weeks back, I was flying with the intention of going as high as I dared, prior to the new laws coming in later this month. I took it to 500ft and all was well. I changed to S-Mode, had a little look around to check direction and location, then pushed full right. Off it...
  14. D

    Looking to Trade Spark Fly More Combo With Extras

    Hello all, I have a DJI Spark Fly More Combo with an extra case with exact cutouts to store the spark, the controller, the charger, 2 batteries, and more. The case has a zipper pouch as well that I put the rest of my gear in. It is in 100% perfect condition. I just bought it a week ago. I'd...
  15. Tiller

    Spark has a heating issue?

    Hi everyone - I flew my awesome Spark today. It was about 88-90 F outside. Everything was going great until I started on the 2nd battery. All of a sudden when I pushed sticks to go up.. it abruptly descended, I tried to re adjust using small adjustments and all off a sudden it just dropped like...
  16. Tiller

    Long Island sunset - 1st picture taken with Spark

    1st picture I took with my spark. - Not too shabby :)
  17. S

    SOLD - DJI Spark Batteries

  18. E

    DJI Spark on Sale - $379

    Hey everyone. While browsing for accessories for my Mavic Air I found this promotion on the DJI Spark. Thought about letting you know in case you're interested. [Coupon Code: GB50-$5off-] DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone - $379.00 Free Shipping|GearBest.com Cheers! (Apollogies if this post is...