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  1. NeedleNuts

    Marina in Ireland

    Here's a short one I put together. The music gave me that 70's TV vibe so I went a bit silly with the transitions. Hope you like.
  2. Andro

    DJI Spark short movies by AndroID

    A few glimpses of Costa Rica beaches from the air: Takeoff and landing on a sailboat, anchored still:]
  3. aidenholdingphotography

    Looking for Spark

    Hi guys crashed my Dji spark a couple of months ago and I want to get a new one. I am going to England in 3 weeks and France a week later. Preferably I want one without remote and lots of accessories as I already have those from my previous drone. Please reply if you or someone you know is...
  4. nilanjan118

    First AEB shots

    I tried the AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) mode in Spark for the first time yesterday and was pretty amazed with the results. Sharing a couple of images below. Note: I used a software called HDRsoft Photomatix to merge the bracketed images.
  5. Coquina Beach Florida - a short vid of my trip to the beach today!

    Coquina Beach Florida - a short vid of my trip to the beach today!

    This video is about a walk on the beach and a drone video of the lovely area. Anna Maria Island is in South West Florida in Manatee County.
  6. I

    Can't cache to Sd Card!

    When i press 'Cache to Sd card' on the settings, i can't see my drone Sd card in the phone settings, any help?
  7. nilanjan118

    Best Shots Montage

    Just created a Best Shots Montage video of my four months of flying the DJI Spark. Please watch and share your views. Thank you.
  8. nilanjan118

    Morning flight

    It was a bright, sunny day today and I went for a quick morning flight. Wanted to do a distance test but I was keeping an eye on the signal strength indicator all the time and bailed out when I started getting only about 2 bars at 900m out. Moreover, I had started with only about 70% gas in the...
  9. Spark shooting a video of flying RC-airplane

    Spark shooting a video of flying RC-airplane

    This is my first experience of shooting a flying object right in the sky. The flying object was a radio-controlled airplane, which was controlled by my friend.
  10. Sun and snow. It's time to fly!

    Sun and snow. It's time to fly!

  11. nilanjan118

    Anbee Colored Propellers for DJI Spark

    Has anyone here tried these propellers? Anbee Colored Propellers for DJI Spark I know that in the event of a crash, using non-OEM parts voids warranty but at $14 for 4 pairs (the original props come for $10/pair), this is a steal which seems too difficult to resist.
  12. Z

    My first DJI spark footage

    Hi guys it's my first time here. This is my first Spark's footage video I want to share. any comments are welcome!
  13. nilanjan118

    JAPAN - Tsuchiura | Cinematic Drone Video

    Shot this on the last day of 2018 in Tsuchiura, Japan. It is a city located in South-Western Ibaraki Prefecture about 60kms north of Tokyo metropolis. Looking forward to seeing more new places and shooting at more beautiful locations in 2019. And on that note, wishing all the Spark pilots a very...
  14. 09.12.2018. DJI Spark. Inside out.

    09.12.2018. DJI Spark. Inside out.

    Somewhere near Minsk... Abandoned building...
  15. DJI Spark: walk in the park (Minsk, Belarus)

    DJI Spark: walk in the park (Minsk, Belarus)

  16. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Sunset pic!

    Here is another sunset pic I just took tonight. There are a few lights on it ;) I am referencing a previous post SUNSETS, DJI SPARK Enjoy
  17. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Remote Controller vs Phone for Piloting SPARK .Poll.

    Quick poll to see what is the most popular
  18. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Can you choose different color when getting care refresh replacement??

    Just wondering when you get a spark replacement, via dji care refresh, if you can choose the color you want ,or if you get what they give you, or what color you had before??