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  1. Ozboyblu

    Yellagonga Regional Park - Aboriginal Heritage - Perth Western Australia

    Yellagonga Regional Park - Named after the Leader of the Aboriginal Mooro people who inhabited the area at the time of European Settlement.
  2. Gavieboydgi

    Dji Spark in Really Bad Wind Today U.K

    Was out today testing new firmware that i'd downgraded to 300 so i can mod the parims and because of the bad 1000 july update its horrible!!! Heres The Youtube from my flight today 28/7/2018
  3. Simon Cooper

    Best Bits Of Sanur/Ubud, BALI (2018)

  4. F

    Battery Eject!!

    Hi All, just over three weeks back, I was flying with the intention of going as high as I dared, prior to the new laws coming in later this month. I took it to 500ft and all was well. I changed to S-Mode, had a little look around to check direction and location, then pushed full right. Off it...
  5. D

    Looking to Trade Spark Fly More Combo With Extras

    Hello all, I have a DJI Spark Fly More Combo with an extra case with exact cutouts to store the spark, the controller, the charger, 2 batteries, and more. The case has a zipper pouch as well that I put the rest of my gear in. It is in 100% perfect condition. I just bought it a week ago. I'd...
  6. Tiller

    Spark has a heating issue?

    Hi everyone - I flew my awesome Spark today. It was about 88-90 F outside. Everything was going great until I started on the 2nd battery. All of a sudden when I pushed sticks to go up.. it abruptly descended, I tried to re adjust using small adjustments and all off a sudden it just dropped like...
  7. Tiller

    Long Island sunset - 1st picture taken with Spark

    1st picture I took with my spark. - Not too shabby :)
  8. S

    SOLD - DJI Spark Batteries

  9. E

    DJI Spark on Sale - $379

    Hey everyone. While browsing for accessories for my Mavic Air I found this promotion on the DJI Spark. Thought about letting you know in case you're interested. [Coupon Code: GB50-$5off-] DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone - $379.00 Free Shipping|GearBest.com Cheers! (Apollogies if this post is...
  10. D

    Just a random shot of football drill @ Padang Ipoh | DJI SPARK

    Just a random shot of a football training in a random morning at Padang Ipoh. Hope you all will like it!! #Can't wait for the World Cup 2018!! SUBSCRIBE NOW ►https://goo.gl/tQCWdp SOCIAL MEDIAS • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicholashcc • Twitter: https://twitter.com/dreamnic MY...
  11. Justin

    Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey, North Wales Panoramic

    We were up visiting friends at the weekend on Anglesey and had some great weather so would have been rude not to break Sparky out for a dance. I couldn't for the life of me remember which app I created the bigger panos I had done previously so I did it using Lightroom's photomerge options. I...
  12. bath1968

    Some edited clips of a sunny Sunday flight

    Been trying my hand at some first time editing, your comments will be greatly appreciated. Enjoy
  13. bath1968

    First Sunny Flight in 2018

    First proper flight this year, so glad the weather and the days are now drawing out. Enjoy..
  14. Sebastien DW

    DJI SPARK | EPIC THAILAND (Best of Thailand 2018)

    Hi everyone I thought I’d upload a compilation of my best shots whilst out there in Thailand and Singapore so please enjoy and let me know what you think :) If you like go watch the full vlogs of our adventure on my YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos on the way :)
  15. D

    Aerial Shots of Tun Razak Exchange, Kuala Lumpur

    The Tun Razak Exchange, TRX, is a 70-acre development in the heart of Kuala Lumpur that is set to become a leading centre for international finance and business. Tun Razak Exchange is located in on the eastern edge of Kuala Lumpur's central business district, sandwiched between Bukit Bintang...
  16. C

    Blue dji Spark fly more

    for sale is a like new dji Spark fly more combo in blue Includes: Spark Controller 3 batteries Extra props Case Range extender iPhone OTG cable Charger and chords Dji care refresh warranty Asking $550 shipped from NJ Text me at 9086161809 for pictures
  17. D

    Charging Battery Problem DJI Spark

    Hi, I've received my dji spark RTF package recently and realize that there is one battery that is faulty, it does not work. The other one is fine, it charges correctly and it works fine with the drone. The problem is with the other battery, it does not charge at all and the charger gives a...
  18. Aleksandar

    Testing my new drone... It's inception time!

    I wanted to add something new to my photography portfolio and made the decision to buy DJI S park. I must say that this drone is better than i expected!
  19. L

    WTB: Spark Controller (new or used)

    Simple ask ... working tested controller. Just looking for a controller for my spark. Shipping to 14303 Niagara Falls, NY if posting shipped prices. Paypal ready. Cheers,
  20. L

    Need some help with a Spark Gimbal Repair

    Hi Guys, Im on the other forums but new to the sparkPilots platform. I recently acquired a DJI Spark for my gf that was involved in a crash with a tree, sadly the tree won the stand off. The drone lost an arm, and the gimbal was damaged during the battle. The systems still work...