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  1. B

    Litchi and Red Waypoint question

    If I buy Litchi, do I have to pay twice? Wanting to load on my Android phone and on my tablet. Also, anyone have experience with Red Waypoint? It's free and looks like may be a good alternative.
  2. K

    Litchi beta and mission hub

    So my question is I understand you can load and save waypoint mission in the litchi beta app now and execute them. You can also do this in mission hub offline of course and I'm wondering if the missions you create in hub could be copied to appropriate folder on the smartphone litchi app, it has...
  3. Mark Penney

    Litchi waypoint flight over a Warren Park Hewitt, TX

    Testing and practicing with Litchi waypoints. Went in the morning before it got too hot. It only got to 104F today.
  4. O

    New DJI Pilot VR Advice

    Hey everyone, Just purchased my first DJI product (spark obviously) pretty excited I went with the fly more package. I have both a Galaxy s8 and iPhone 6+. After reading through the forum I am going to use the 6+ strictly for flying because of some of the issues and better optimization for iOS...
  5. ProfPaul

    Litchi vs. Autopilot vs. Go 4?

    I've seen a few posts that mention Litchi and Autopilot. Could someone who uses either or both of the alternative applications please explain them, as well as the pros and cons of Litchi and Autopilot versus DJI's Go 4 software?
  6. Jonathan Prichard

    Litchi App with Spark?

    Hello fellow spark owners, I am a relatively new "pilot" and am curious as to weather the DJI Spark is compatible with the popular Litchi app. This app works with all past DJI Quads. The app is 20 something bucks and I don't want to purchase it if its not compatible.